Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Episode 22: Candy From Powder

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New Fronds:
Introduce Yourself 
Podcaster Thread
Contest Thread

Poppin Cooking Videos

Mountain Sunset

Woahs or Woes (WIPs):
Socks for 10
The Window Cat
Easy Leaves Scarf
3 in 1 Cardigan

Foes (FOs):
Ginny's Cardigan - buttons by JustFingerPrint

Know your Wool

Prizes from Sword of Knitter Podcast

What Makes Me Happy: (forgot to say this on the podcast)
  1. Being able to do my job
  2. Lunch Dates with Andrew
  3. Cast on ALL THE THINGS
  4. Visting Jessica
  5. My brother - Happy Birthday
Music: When She Smiles - The Judas Hole by

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