Monday, August 25, 2014

Episode 21: Mini Skien Madness

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New Fronds:
Introduce Yourself 
Podcaster Thread

Woahs or Woes (WIPs):
Socks for 10
Ginny's Cardigan - buttons by JustFingerPrint
Buttons on Knitwear video

Foes (FOs):
Swatch for 3 in 1 Sweater

Know your Wool

Mermaid Knitting Mini Skien set for Care of Magical Creatures Bracelet

Contest Thread

What Makes Me Happy: (forgot to say this on the podcast)
  1. Button Band!
  2. Mini Skiend
  3. New Schedule
  4. Andrew
  5. Yarn shipments even if they are extra skeins for projects
Music: When She Smiles - The Judas Hole by

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