Sunday, October 18, 2015

Episode 43: Surprise Fiber Finds

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Saint Louis Strange Folk Festival
2016 The Year of Frogging
New season of heros - set in Carbondale - HAHA
I'm not a seamstress
Reading all sorts of books
     - Abhorsen Series by Garth Nix
     - The Martian
     - City of 1,000 Dolls
          * This is the book club podcast I listen to
Went to Kentucky Lake and Hog Fest!

Halloween swap fiber

Woahs or Woes (WIPs):
Tropical Pooling Lace  - Not shown
Lucente - Not shown
Mitered Square Blanket
Plum Rondo a la Turk

Defeated Foes (FOs):
QL Slouch hat

Turkish Spindle and We're all Mad Here yarn from 
3 bundles of fiber from Yarn Geek Knits
Hog Fest fiber
Eat Sleep knit yarn + 10k prize kit

1 comment:

  1. Hi there! I'm looking for knitting and/or spinning blogs to read and I came across yours. I really enjoyed it. It's ok that it's actually a podcast. You have it in a blog, so I'll just think of it as a video blog. lol
    That's a great idea about using a makeup bag for your spinning. I started using a regular project bag and it didn't work out because of my fibers sticking to the fabric.
    I love your mitered square blanket. It's going to be gorgeous!
    Your fiber acquisitions are gorgeous.