Friday, July 24, 2015

Episode 39: Hito-finished

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Introduce Yourself 
Podcaster Thread
Sock Prep KAL Thread

Updated Notebook
Defeated Viruses at work
Saw Terminatior and Ant Man in theater
Released a free pattern
My favorite things party
Podcaster cards

Teal Night
Pink and White
Purple - Not shown

Woahs or Woes (WIPs):
Tropical Pooling Lace  - Not shown
Electric Butterfly

Defeated Foes (FOs):
Collywobbles from a sock blank
2 Color hat
3 cup sleeves
Cobblestone Cowl - not yet released

House Cup News:
Hitofude for quidditch
I'm having trouble keeping up but what else is new.

Basically it was incredible

I showed a lot of things. If you want to know something specific - just pm me.

Music: When She Smiles - The Judas Hole by

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