Saturday, July 5, 2014

Episode 17: Weird Story Winners! oh and a podcast too

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New Fronds:
Introduce Yourself 
Podcaster Thread

Festivals I'll be attending:
Stitches Midwest August 7-10

Egg Hunt
Up coming 4 plies:
    Yarn Geek Fibers
    Tale and Tendril

Woahs or Woes (WIPs):
Baby Hat

Foes (FOs):
Tiger Eyes Lace Scarf - Not shown because it's already been given away
Baby Reese Summer Outfit
Mitered Square Blanket

What Makes Me Happy: (forgot to say this on the podcast)
  1. New Baby Cousin
  2. Being Gifted the Hitchhiker pattern
  3. 50% on my OWL
  4. Sushi with Friends
  5. Lego Movie
Music: When She Smiles - The Judas Hole by

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